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The Foundation for the Disabled has been working for the mental, physical handicapped and multiple disabled people for about 20 years. Until 2005, the foundation provided its services with subvention from local governments and various charities. Since then, with the aim of ensuring a more steady operation, we created the current institution. With this we improved our financial security as well as our professional prestige. Currently we provide 29 individuals with their every day supplies, development and education, prepare them for integration in a working environment, ensure their employment, and help their integration in society.

About our achievements:

  • In 2000 we entered in a cooperation agreement with the József Nádor Education Centre of the Hungarian Industrial Union Training College. As a result, our beneficiaries participated in training for carpet and basket weaver and gardener. In 2010 the students successfully passed their exams.

  • We offer regular, individualized education to keep and if possible, to improve their skills. This comprises of the following: conductive education, drama pedagogy, musical training, domestic science, individual and group psychological advice.

  • With the establishment of the Mezőföld Csücske Workshop in 2002, several folk artists joined us expanding our beneficiaries’ knowledge on folk professions. The workshop also gives the opportunity to disabled and able people to work together, and by such helps our pupils in their integration and assimilation in society.

  • Every year we honor with a Golden – Heart Prize Award those who – on a local or national level – contributed substantially to the needs of disadvantaged individuals.

  • The „Cloudwalkers” theatre - founded from and by disabled people - was established in 2003. Their regular performances enable them to integrate in the cultural life of the country.

  • An open theatre (Pajta Színpad) was built in our garden in 2007, where well-known artists perform together with our disabled pupils.

  • The level of our professional work was highlighted by receiving the OKAIM certification provided by OKKER Zrt, ensuring that we became a qualified foundation.

  • Since 2007 we entered in a Supported Service agreement with the local government. The agreement helps disabled people in their daily activities, and provides transportation and personalized services. At present, we take care of more than 140 people.

  • As a result of our development, the social workroom began to  operate on May 1st, 2007. It is a major progress for our beneficiaries, as for the first time in their existence they receive payment for their work. While in 2009 we counted 29 participants, this number decreased to 14 in 2010 due to  decreased subvention.

  • On March 15, 2008, our foundation received the Prize for Social Work from the local government of Százhalombatta.
    In 2009 our foundation was classified as a high public benefit organization.

  • In 2010 the Hungarian Performance Assosiation awarded “Cloudwalkers” Golden Qualification.

  • In January of 2011 there was an exhibition of products made by handicapped people. The exhibition took place in the European Parliament in Brussels then in the Hungarian House, after that it moved in the building of the Hungarian Parliament. Our foundation could introduce itself not just in Hungary, but beyond the country.

Cloudwalkers Drama Team

The Cloudwalkers Drama Team of the Foundation for the Disabled was founded in 2003 with the aim of broadcasting basic human feelings through gestures and body language; hence helping the social acceptance of disabled people. The members of the team are adults between the ages of 20 and 45 who are mentally and physically challenged. Disabled people also have the desire to find a way and be open to the world of healthy people. They long to expess themselves and to present their values. Stage for them is a source of happiness, such a motivation that makes their everyday life meaningful.

Performances are meetings where friends, acquaintances are made and the world opens up… Prejudice and commiseration toward disabled people turn into acknowledgement. The performance of Cloud Walkers is unique nationwide, it is a speechless theater, which conveys essential feelings through the power of movements and gestures. There are no language barriers or borders.

Their specialty is that the actors give themselves, undertake their feelings and so their performances become honest and authentic. They teach us to express our feelings freely. They carry out a mission. With stepping on stage they stand up for all their disabled fellows.

During the performances a real interaction is created between healthy and disabled people. A vice versa-link is established by which we all evolve. We encounter long-forgotten movements and human touches. They provide artistic experiences, incline us to think further and because the productions are based on their own experiences, they have a powerful effect. Drama pedagogy plays a major role in creating this artistic impression. The drama workshop provides a framework for the performances. It establishes stage movements and so helps Cloudwalkers dare to act without inhibitions on stage, it helps the coordination of movements, the concentration, and also the processing of the experience after a performance.

In 2010 we were awarded the golden level qualification of the National Drama Association, where out of 12 drama teams, only the Cloudwalkers represented the disabled people.

Handcraft folk play activities, handcraft presentation

The speciality of our handcraft folk activities is working with natural material. During the work, the point is not only to pick up the techniques, but for the participants to get to know the disabled people, interact with them. For the children who get to know the handicap in their childhood, can be a determinated experience for their whole life. This supports the acceptance not exclusion.

Handcraft is a field where the disabled people can excel by their skills and not by their otherness. Our program is set up in a way that the handicapped and healthy people not just meet, but interact with each other. We think the most suitable field is the handicraft folk play activities.

These collective works can be a benefit occupation not only on family days or events but in camps and in schools as well.  We can extend these workshops with handcraft presentations, where visitors can get acquainted with old folk techniques (basket weaving, weaving of linen, weaving of reed-mace). In the presentation the participants can try certain activities: prepare, clean, select the material, and can join certain work. So they won’t be only outside viewer, but as active participants will carry on the handcraft and folk traditions.


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